OUR team

Design is thinking made visual, and we here at UU strives to create long-lasting designs with a personal touch. It is not enough that we build spaces and products that are understandable and usable, we also need to bring joy and excitement, pleasure and beauty to people’s lives too, and that’s exactly what our Hong Kong-based boutique creative unit sets out to achieve.

 So what makes us stand above the rest? For 10 years, we have specialised in commercial interior and custom furniture designs, providing a full range of services from concepts, branding to interior designs. We believe our talented team can offer a seamless experience for clients and collaborators who are looking to launch or reinvent their brands, as we dedicate ourselves to blend art and architecture into our environment by the most simple and elegant ways with incredible concepts, extraordinary objects, and stunning visions. With F&B interior designs as our strength, we excel at creating the appropriate dining experience that caters to every detail and taste.

 Our team of talented designers hail from all corners of the world including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Italy, Portugal and more. We are firm believers of employing and nurturing local talents, as we aim to conserve local craftsmanship and strive to promote the “Made in Hong Kong” label to the world, and allow everyone to truly appreciate the talents of local designers.

 We believe design is a wonderful relationship between human life and its environment, and it’s at the very core of your business. So, challenge us, and let us show you why we’re among the best design houses in the world.