OUR team

UU is a small, focused, multidisciplinary creative unit based in Hong Kong, China and South Korea. We are listeners, questioners, and collaborative problem-solvers with a smart, experienced and polished minds. We dedicate oursselves to introducing designs into our environment by the most simple and elegant ways, creating incredible ideas, extraordinary objects, and stunning interior and exterior designs.

Specialising in F&B interiors and furniture designs, we excel at creating a pleasant dining experience. We take the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ label to heart and strive to design something unique, stunning and detailed, with Neon being one of our signature design key elements . One of our goals is to conserve Hong Kong craftmenships, and allow the world to truly appreciate the talents of Hong Kong designers.

small team : big impact

We draw, We create, We produce, We care every single detail. We are here to lightening up your project.